Local 798 – Tulsa Tulsa

4845 S 83rd E Ave, Tulsa, OK 74145




Local 798 – Tulsa Tulsa
Business Manager
Daniel C Hendrix

About this union

Chartered in 1949, Pipeliners 798 is a trade union that provides the highest quality of pipeline welders to contractors across the country. Pipeliners 798 is made up of people with a high level of skill who weld together the various sections of oil and gas pipelines.

In addition to the 2,700 skilled welders who are a part of Pipeliners 798, they also represent more than 500 journeymen who assist in lining up the pipe and complete the hydrostatic testing of the pipeline and over 3,000 helpers who assist the welders in the weld completion process. These tasks are critical to the integrity of the pipeline and the safety surrounding the project.

As a trade union, workers are required to meet the highest level of welder training and take great pride in the quality and safety of their work. Pipeliners 798 welders have worked on projects in 49 states and across the globe.

Their success is built on four key principles: quality, safety, environmental/community stewardship and worker protection.