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Local 344

Local 344 – Oklahoma City Oklahoma City
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Gary Cartwright

About this union

UA Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 344 was chartered in 1975 as a result of merging five previously organized local unions consisting of Oklahoma City Local 291 (established 1901), Lawton Local 362 (established 1918), Enid Local 739 (established 1918), Oklahoma City Plumbers Local 369 (established 1926) and Oklahoma City Pipefitter Local 344 (established 1938).

Our founding locals were dedicated to the union movement. Hard fights were won and lost at the bargaining table to ensure we had the best wages and benefits package the industry had to offer within the state of Oklahoma. Legislation was fought for to protect workers’ rights for every worker across Oklahoma and the United States. Today, Local 344 continues to represent the UA plumbers & pipefitters in the fight for workers’ rights, higher wages and increased benefits through the use of collective bargaining agreements and strategic partnerships.

The UA Local 344 workforce takes pride in partnering with the signatory contractors to deliver sophisticated piping systems to the end user, which are vital to the infrastructure of our community. Their signatories employ members of UA Local 344 in many construction industries – heavy industrial, commercial and residential sectors. UA Local 344 also specializes in HVAC service throughout the Central New Mexico region, where cooling systems are very important to the economy.