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Local 100 – Dallas Dallas
Business Manager
Craig Berendzen

About this union

UA Local Union 100 was chartered in 1892, just three years after the International Union of Plumbers and Pipefitters was founded to organize and provide proper training and support to the pipe workers of America. Since then, Local Union 100 has worked tirelessly to champion fair wage scales, improve working conditions and improve workers’ standard of living.

Union members, together with fellow trade unions and signatories, have played a part in the construction of nearly every major landmark building in Dallas. This has not always been something that was just given to them, but something that they have struggled for.

As Local Union 100 moves into the future, they welcome the challenges and demands that will be placed on them. They have survived many threats to their existence over the past 100 years, through wars, economic depression and anti-union legislation.

Their programs have survived all these threats and that testifies to their integrity and soundness.

In the next decade, they will continue to evaluate and adapt themselves and their programs as the needs of the industry dictates.