The growing need for high-quality welders has led us to develop welding certification programs with no equal in the industry. Offering general and site-specific welding training for apprentices and journeymen, we prepare them to be the well-qualified, certified welders needed throughout the United States and Canada. These pre-tested, experienced welders do not create any cost for the construction user, yet provide significant benefit.

Training welders in the SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, FCAW, machine, semi-automatic, automatic and orbital welding processes, our training and certification program provides comprehensive training and qualification for welders. The flexibility of this program allows us to accommodate project owners and contractors in whatever their welding requirements may be. Welders can be tested and certified for specific procedures needed for new and unique processes, and our certification program is accepted by owners and contractors across North America.

We also facilitate weld engineering courses that offer an opportunity for increasing knowledge in the welding field. In addition, our welding inspector certification is recognized throughout the welding industry, because we hold our testing and qualification processes to the highest standards. Our welding inspectors are already out in the field, assisting contractors in understanding project specifications and evaluating projects for their codes and standards compliance, and working to ensure the integrity of welded assemblies.

There’s a shortage of trained and qualified welders in the construction industry, but our welder training and welding certification programs are addressing that issue and turning out welders who are well-trained and well-qualified to handle the work that needs to be done.