Energy Sector

The development of our country’s energy industry is vital for economic success and longevity. SWPTA unions comprehensively train tradespeople and contractors for a successful career, putting them in a position to work side-by-side with elected officials and lawmakers to deliver energy solutions that are environmentally responsible and cost-effective. Our contractors have experience working with:

  • Nuclear power
  • Oil
  • Natural gas
  • Coal

SWPTA unions also train our contractors to foster the development of renewable energy sources such as:

  • Solar power
  • Geothermal power
  • Hydroelectric power

The depth and variety of our union’s training and onsite apprenticeship program in the energy sector help our contractors deliver optimal results. SWPTA puts them in a position to help America’s economy thrive and help our world keep turning for years to come.

As a predominant user of natural gas, the United States relies on the output of natural gas shale deposits to decrease dependency on alternatives to foreign oil. Natural gas produces low CO2 emissions, and the fostering of shale deposits results in ample job creation. Increased production due to natural gas supply is the perfect opportunity to embark on a career that helps the environment and keeps America’s economy in excellent health.

For clean, reliable electricity, the United States leans on nuclear power. For the lowest fuel cost of any electricity source, while emitting no harmful greenhouse gases, nuclear power provides an energy source that you can build a career around. Our specialized contractors have years of experience dealing with the nuances of the energy industry, delivering safe, low-cost solutions for a broad variety of sectors. Reach out to one our affiliated unions today and jumpstart your career in a rapidly expanding field.