A Day in the Life

You’ve earned a high school diploma—now what? It’s daunting to choose a career path that’s right for you. The choice is difficult, and you need to start earning right away. That’s why Southwest Pipe Trades Association unions offer quality apprenticeship training programs and union opportunities, so you can earn money to support yourself while furthering your education and gaining invaluable work experience.

SWPTA consists of 13 unions in New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. For over a century, our unions have serviced, trained, and prepared apprentices for lasting careers in a variety of fields. This is your chance to provide an invaluable service to hardworking Americans across the country and enter a field where your work truly impacts others.

There’s never been a better time to join our unions’ comprehensive training program and start work as an apprentice. Be it as an HVAC technician, pipe fitter, plumber, welder, fire sprinkler installer, or a variety of other positions; we guarantee that you’ll be in the best position to enjoy a long, successful career.

Our unions’ training programs give you the opportunity to earn right away while providing the education and skillset required for a bright future in one of our union contractor positions. Every day as an apprentice will be spent honing your craft and working your way toward the career you’ve always envisioned but never had the opportunity to pursue. Work side-by-side with experienced contractors in entry-level roles during the day and continue your education in the evening by learning from our qualified instructors. After undergoing a comprehensive training program, you’ll do more than build a future for you and your family—you’ll have the chance to help build America.

Every building has a project that needs completion. As a union contractor affiliated with SWPTA, you’ll work with local businesses, schools, hospitals, government facilities, and help with national security. Our reach has never been wider—we offer positions in a variety of locations, so you can help honest Americans like yourself and provide them with comprehensive, safe, and cost-effective services. There’s never been a better way to positively impact so many people, all while earning a living and furthering your education.

Choosing a career is daunting; there are a million fields to pursue, and many of them require experience that’s impossible to have attained when you’re just starting out. That’s why Southwest Pipe Trades Association-affiliated unions offer affordable, comprehensive education and training programs from our best and brightest instructors. Choosing a career path shouldn’t feel like a death sentence—at SWPTA, it’s our instructors’ job to make this the easiest decision you’ve ever made. This is the time to do meaningful work and set yourself up for a future you never knew you could have. This is the time to improve the world around you. Help honest small business owners run their shop; give teachers and students a comfortable, safe environment to learn in; help a hospital function, so that every patient receives the care they deserve; maintain government facilities designed to keep our country safe so that you and your loved ones can rest easy at night. Reach out today and see you can help build a better tomorrow for America.