Fourth year apprentice Kevin Thompson got out of the monotonous corporate world and found his passion with Southwest Pipe Trades.

Kevin Thompson

“I went to a welding school, got my welding certifications and found out about the union through my instructor. I thought it was a great opportunity so I went for it.”

Wayland Moore

“It’s so nice here; you go to a job and get it done. I just love it and I think this is the best spot for a family to be. When I get, I’ll be able to make the kids’ games.”

Michael Turney

“With the apprenticeship, I’m pretty much guaranteed a job. Work is good and when you start throwing in the insurance, the annuity and the pension … that is just bonus. It’s been really great and I’m really fortunate to be in the union, no doubt.”

Paul Garza

“There’s all kinds of people from different phases of life here and it’s great learning from their experiences.”

Miguel Martinez