The pipelines that transverse North America are vital to our infrastructure because they carry the oil and natural gas essential to power plants, hospitals, schools, refineries, factories and homes. Our economy, and indeed our quality of life, is powered by the products carried through these pipelines, which are a safer mode of transport than rail, ships or tanker trucks. Safe and reliable oil and natural gas delivery to the United States and Canada depends largely on the work of skilled contractors, and we partner with contractors who have the skills and expertise to carry out this important work.

  • Pipeline Repair: Because of the work of highly skilled contractors, existing pipelines have functioned efficiently for many years. Today, however, our overextended pipeline infrastructure is in need of repair to keep it functioning safely. Timely repair by expert contractors will rehabilitate the system and prevent loss of life and property damage caused by the failure of aging pipelines.
  • Mainline Repair: The three million miles of mainline pipelines used to transport petroleum products across the United States and Canada are used to safely deliver vast quantities of gas and oil every year. It would take 750 tanker trucks in a constant line, loading and unloading every two minutes, all day every day to cover what even a small pipeline delivers. We work with contractors to provide service for these vital pipelines while protecting the environment. As more of our natural resources are utilized, mainline pipeline repair will become even more crucial.
  • Gas Distribution: Delivering gas to the power generation facilities responsible for the supply of electricity to homes, factories, schools and hospitals is the charge of contractors across North America. As the United States and Canada work to determine the best use of their large natural gas reserves, the need for gas distribution pipelines will grow and with it a need for additional skilled contractors.

As the United States works to develop our natural resources in order to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and improve our economy, additional technology will be developed. The contractors we partner with are well positioned to meet the new demands for pipeline maintenance and repair and are prepared to adapt to technological advancements, through well-established training programs.