Metal Trades

Our metal trade workers are employed not only by private industry but also by federal, state and local governments, as well as private contractors who provide labor for government contracts under the Service Contract Act.

The sheet metal trade is an extremely important industry working with the materials that comprise such vital construction components as roofs, rain gutters, siding, ventilation, heating and air conditioning duct systems, restaurant equipment, precision equipment and much more. Metal trade workers also work in shipyards, petrochemical plants, nuclear power facilities, fabrication plants, Department of Energy facilities and processing plants associated with industrial facilities. Our workers perform utility work for the private and public sector, as well as government installations. The work they do is essential not only to public health but also to national security.

In service of our national security, metal trade workers work in shipbuilding and repair and also fabricate and repair vehicles, aircraft, weapons and other equipment in both federal and Department of Defense facilities. Additionally, they work at Department of Energy facilities, working to produce and maintain systems and processes related to our nuclear arsenal.

Understanding the vital importance of the metal trades to our national function, health, defense and security, we work to provide metal trade workers with training and guidance and help local unions to face the challenges inherent in the 21st-century workplace.