Piping Spool Fabrication: This is a long-standing and traditional method of fabrication, which has been in process for many decades. From simple concepts such as fittings welded on the end of a length of pipe to more complex operations such as valve gangs and system fittings, pipe spooling has long been the go-to method of fabrication. It can be used with any material and method of joining and, historically, it’s been heavily utilized in industries that require large volumes of welded pipe. Prefabrication of piping spools offers better control to end users, no matter what the job specifications, and our fabrication facilities can provide for industries as diverse as power plants, food, pharmaceutical and technology sectors.

Modular Fabrication: Taking many forms, and applicable to almost every sector of industry, modular fabrication offers many advantages. The size of modular units can range from very small to several stories high and is, in fact, only limited by the imagination of designers and engineers and the available transportation. Small pumps and valves can be built using modular fabrication techniques but so can complete building systems. Improvements in technology have brought modular fabrication to the forefront of the construction industry, particularly for construction of hospitals. This type of fabrication reduces the stacking of trades on job sites, making for a safer workplace and offers advantages such as better quality control, as well as better control of schedules and budgets. Our experience in traditional construction techniques, along with our commitment to keep our tradespeople abreast of cutting-edge technology, keeps us at the top of the modular fabrication industry.