Energy Sector

We believe that making the most of our country’s energy resources is vitally important to building a strong economy. Making the most of energy sources such as nuclear power, natural gas, coal and oil, along with exploring emerging and alternative sources of energy, such as solar, geothermal and hydroelectric power, is the best way to fuel not only our economy but our nation’s future. We work with tradespeople, contractors, end users and also with elected officials and lawmakers to ensure the proper utilization of our abundance of energy and development of cutting-edge technology.

Natural Gas: The United States produces and consumes an immense amount of natural gas. Forty percent of this natural gas output comes from development of our massive shale deposits, and this shale gas could potentially reduce our dependence on foreign oil significantly. Additionally, natural gas produces low CO2 emissions. As North America further develops and processes this natural resource, there will be a significant increase in jobs for skilled tradespeople. In fact, this source of energy is already creating an increase in manufacturing, leading to more opportunities for construction and fabrication, leading to an increase in jobs.

Nuclear Power: Nuclear power, a clean and reliable source of electricity, is a crucial component of our energy program. Accounting for about 20 percent of the United States’ energy consumption, nuclear power provides the lowest fuel cost of any electricity source while emitting no greenhouse gases. This important energy source not only powers our nation but also provides many jobs, making it critical to our future. As nuclear technology becomes more sophisticated, it will continue to be an important source of employment for well-trained, highly skilled tradespeople dedicated to safety. Because we understand this and know the importance of protecting the health and welfare of the public, we emphasize training, and our members are among the country’s most specialized workers in the construction and maintenance of nuclear power plants.